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International Folk Festival "Tek saulužė ant maračių" 2012



Participants questionnaire (MS Word)

Preliminary program (MS Word)


Festival photo gallery





June 22-24, 2012

Theme „With love for our smaller brothers“





June 22, Friday,

Who is outside,who is in the woods,on the land and under“

From 12:00 Handicrafts fair

Every day there will be some handicraft selected that best depicts the theme of the day.  Master‘s worktable will be decorated  with a pennant  - master/craftsman of the day

Participants: folk artists and craftsmen holding appropriate certificate by Ministry of Economy

Place –Municipal Square (Taikos st .2, Nida)


16:00 Movies about animals

Ramūnas Abukevičius presents films by Petras Abukevičius „Meškutė Nida“, „Vilkai“, etc.

Place – CTIC „Agila“ (Taikos st.4, Nida)

12:00-18:00 Mobile art gallery „Families craft animals“

Results will be demonstrated near the stage

Place –field near the stage


18:00 Festival opening concert.

Totemic tribes presentation intrigue. Show of the groups/ensembles using animals in their names, or program. They may select „tribal totem“ and make one mask, painting or sculpture of their totem animal.



Night tracking in the woods with Curonian spit National park foresters

Preliminary registration has to be done  by phone +370 868870703, or email julija.cepura@gmail.com



June 23,Saturday

In the sky, in the air and in the water...

From 12:00. Handicrafts fair

12:00 – 18:00. Folk laboratories in open spaces

„Pasakų pieva“ (meadow of tales)

„Mįslių pieva“ (meadow of riddles)

 „Patarlių kiemas“ (yard of proverbs)

„Žaidimų kryžkelė“ (crossroad of games)

„Šokių aikštė“  (dance-floor)

„Dainų prieplauka“ (dock of songs)

„Eilėraščių pievelė“ (meadow of poems)

„Gausybės stalas“ (presentation of culinary legacy)


Participants: different members of groups, story-tellers, musical groups, that present and teach classical folklore. Conductor encourages everyone to join with known pieces, to improvise, to create new tales, proverbs and riddles...

Places- Various places around Nida



19:00 Procession to the sea for sun setting. On the way back we sing and gather plant bouquets for evening magic.

22:00. Midsummer eve songs, dances, rites, magic.

Fire on the embankment – may be maintained by youth till morning. Dances ,stories, songs..

Around 24:00 Water mystery: sailing by of lighted water animal figures and small ships in the form of birds (with candles)


23:00 „Different“ folk group concert, dances till sunrise.

Participants – Lithuanian and foreign modern folk groups


23:00 – 2:00

Observation of night sky constellations



June 24,Sunday

The ones we love

From 12:00 till 18:00 Handicrafts fair

11:00 Family Sunday with Franciscan preaching

Improvised music and songs by participants and Franciscans about love to animals and people, and by people to our smaller brothers. Short preaches about animals that God created.

Place- outside Nida Catholic church


12:00 – 15:00 val. Musical wlk around the city stopping to play in most unbelievable places.


16:00 Farewell concert


All are invited with their dare friends, neighbors, relatives. During the concert there will be awards for most thematic handicrafts, most interesting drawings/paintings, most interesting participants of folk laboratories, etc..

At the end the piece that became most popular during those days (song or dance)will be performed by groups and spectators.

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