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This is the biggest settlement and an administrative center of Neringa. Currently, Nida has approximately 1,550 of permanent residents living there; every summer, around 50 thousand visitors spend their holidays here. Nida was mentioned for the first time in the documents of Teutonic Orden in 1385 by the name of "Noyken" and "Noyden". According to historical sources, the old Nida village was situated on the northern coast of Grobstas Cape‘s gulf. The second Nida was located 2 km south of the present Nida. In 1730 migrating fishermen founded the third Nida beside Parnidis Gulf. Three former villages - Nida, Skruzdyne and Purvyne – currently comprise the Nida settlement. Nida is located 48 km away from Klaipeda and 4 km away from the border of Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. Previously, mainly fishermen lived here; from the end of XIX century Nida started to be famous as a resort. Currently, this is a great place for rest. The settlement is spread on the seacost for about two kilometers from the south to the north. With its south end it reaches the Parnidis Gulf, and with its northern end it gradually disappears in the sands of the Cape of Bulvikis.

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