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Legal clauses

Welcome to the Internet website www.visitneringa.lt (hereinafter the Website), which is being supervised by Neringa Municipality Administration and Nida‘s Culture and Tourism Information Center „Agila“ (hereinafter the Creator).
Usage, content of the website and its adjustment
The Website is comprised of forty pages, which are prepared and supervised by the creators of the website and other content suppliers (hereinafter the Suppliers). The main purpose of the Website is to organize, supervise and publish information about tourism services of Neringa Municipality and services‘ suppliers of Neringa Municipality. Information of the Website can include the parts, where a) you need to register, leaving your personal data, b) commercial nature information is presented, c) market research are performed or lottery and games are in process.
Any information presented on this Website, including any financial information, is intended only for informational purposes. Although, the Creators make every efforts to have the information published on this Website corresponding with the reality and being updated or distorted, they are not in charge of novelty and accuracy of information presented in the Internet and consequences, which can arised due to usage of information presented on the Website. The Creators do not assume the responsibility to correct indicated defficiencies of information or fill in missing data, except the cases, when it is peremptorily defined by laws or other legal deeds valid in the Republic of Lithuania. The Creators reserve the right to advertise, change or delete the information on the Website at any time.   
The Website contains links to the Internet websites of other people, enterprises or organizations. The creators are not in charge of content of these Internet websites and used methods of privacy security.
Privacy policy
On the Website, visitors can be asked to present personal information (for example, indicate name and e-mail address), as well as demographic date (for example, age or gender). By presenting personal information to the Creators, you agree with and allow the Creators using and manage this information and data while presenting you information, seeking to contact you for business matter or for management of inner statistics of the Creator.
Information of the Suppliers and third parties on the Website
Parts of the Website can include information of the Suppliers and other third parties, as well as information, in which the Suppliers and other third parties offer their goods and services. The Creators do not assume any responsibility for correspondence of such information with the reality.
Copyright of the presented information belongs to correspondent physical and juridical persons, as it is indicated beside text or graph information. The right to information, beside which there is no reference to copyright of third parties, belongs to the Creators. Non-property copyright of the Website‘s software belongs to „Neosymmetria“, Ltd.
It is forbidden to use and distribute text and graph information, which is on the Website, on other Internet websites and mass media without permission of the Creators.
This website is prepared having received financial support of European Union PHARE prgram. Privacy politics. Solution: Neosymmetria