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The Catholic Church of Nida

The Catholic Church of Nida

Location: Taikos st 17, Nida


Opened on June 14, 2003, Nida’s Church of Holy Mary is the first and only Roman Catholic church in Neringa. It was conceived by local architects Ričardas Krištapavičius and Algimantas Zaviša. Their vision, reflecting the ethnic architectural tradition of Neringa and its unique landscape, was built on a vanishing sand dune. Clad in traditional dark oak, the church features a triangular thatched roof, reminiscent of the facades of many Nida’s cottages. A white, open work metal cross on top of the thatches is visible from many angles around the settlement. The traditional bell, weighing one and a half tonnes, tolls throughout the peaceful streets of Nida every hour.


Take in the serenity of the church’s interior through its panoramic windows, decorated with black and white stained glass scenes of stations of the cross by artist Algridas Dovydėnas. A carved wood sculpture of the crucifixion by Stasys Kuzma hangs above the altar: the composition of its cross, tabernacle and eternal flame was created by Klaipėda’s famous jeweller and sculptor Vytautas Karčiauskas and his artist daughter Laura Potet. Behind the marble baptistry visitors can admire a fresco of the baptism of Jesus by Antanas Chmieliauskas.


The churchyard features an amphitheatre and serves as an outdoor cultural venue. The adjoining building, half “hidden” in a sand dune, is home to Nida’s Community House, which often hosts art exhibitions, educational and social events for guests and residents.

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