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Mizgiris Amber Museum

Mizgiris Amber Museum

Naglių st 27, Nida

Opening times:

During the summer season sessions are held daily
12 am, 3 pm and 5 pm


During the off-season the museum can be visited only with
pre-registration by phone +370 610 04280

+370 610 04280


In Mizgiris Amber Museum, amber becomes an artistic medium, and the knowledge about this unique fossilised tree resin is shared through interactive tools. The main highlight of the museum is a forest of amber trees and a river. A notion of a flowing river represents amber’s historically rich road from nature to culture.


Visitors can admire an abundant collection of rare amber and works of art, which is complemented by a virtual story about the formation of amber.


Specially equipped screens show a 3D film about the various processes that resulted in amber formation about 40-50 million years ago. There is also a mythical legend of the origin of amber, presented in an animation of Lithuanian folklore about two lovers, Jūratė and Kastytis. Visitors can also enjoy a multimedia bridge that tells a story of the formation of the Curonian Spit.


The exhibition boasts a dedicated space for educational activities and workshops, where one can study physical and therapeutic properties of amber through numerous artistic and scientific expressions. Explore the encyclopaedia of amber on touch screens and enjoy amber artefacts from around the world.


The gallery on the second-floor exhibits works by Lithuanian and foreign authors.


Jewellery and works of art can be purchased in the museum shop.


Ticket prices:

June 15 - September 1

With multimedia presentation:
For adults - 12 €
For children (7-18 years) – 6 €


Without multimedia presentation:
For adults - 6 €
For children (7-18 years) – 3 €


September 2 - June 14

With multimedia presentation:
For adults - 10 €
For children (7-18 years) – 5 €


Without multimedia presentation:
For adults - 5 €
For children (7-18 years) – 3 €

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