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Weathervanes exposition in Nida

Weathervanes exposition in Nida

Location: Nida quay


Over 80 distinct weathervanes - unique symbols of Neringa’s special relationship with the elements - can be viewed near the marina of Nida. This outdoor exhibition takes visitors back in time and describes in depth the coastal people’s tradition of weathervane making.


The history of this tradition is as intricate as the weathervanes themselves. There were 133 villages lining the shores of the Curonian Lagoon in the 19th century. The inspector in charge of administering fishing allowances in the lagoon, Ernstas Vilhelmas Berbomas, categorised the villages with the help of rectangular images of two-colour patterns. Black and white signs marked the western and Klaipėda settlements, yellow and blue categorised the southern villages, and the red and blue ones were selected for the east coast (Kintai, Ventė, Mingė settlements). The village fishermen were only permitted to fish in their designated waters, and the sign would have to be displayed on the boat mast.


The fisherman started to decorate the tin signs with their own imaginative designs, which became characteristic emblems of the Curonian area. These art forms became elaborate expressions of the local people’s daily lives, struggles, wishes and imaginations.


Explore this charming collection in the fresh air and delve deeper into Neringa’s centuries-old traditions.

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