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Sculpture “Neringa”

Sculpture “Neringa”

Location: Central Square, Nida


When wandering the quaint streets, squares and museums of Nida, visitors can come across the legend of a giant called Neringa. Her kind nature and beauty were her main traits: saving fishermen from the formidable sea, Neringa poured the Curonian Spit from her apron, forming a safe shelter for the locals. An interpretation of this mythical heroine by sculptor Juozas Ruzgas stands in the centre of Nida. Created in 2013, the sculpture was placed there temporarily, until in 2014 during the refurbishment of the central square, it was incorporated as a dominant component of the landscaped design.


A bronze creation depicts a woman bathing in the sea waves, alluding to the compassionate protector of the local people.

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