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Visitors of the Curonian Spit National Park have a right to:


  • Drive motor vehicles, forklifts on the carriageway with a hard road surface;
  • Park motor vehicles only in the designated places marked with road signs;
  • Pitch tents, stay with campers and mobile homes only in specially equipped, marked places;
  • Pick mushrooms, fruits (berries, nuts, etc.), medical herbs and medical raw materials, in accordance with the procedure for the use of wild plant resources;
  • Create bonfires only in specially equipped, marked places, after notifying the watchman of the terrestrial automatic forest fire monitoring system by phone +370 46 391148 or mobile phone +370 626 59826;
  • In Nagliai and Grobštas Nature Reserves walk and drive along the established pedestrian and bicycle paths, walk along the wet part of the beach.

Visitors are prohibited from:


  • Driving, stopping and parking motor vehicles outside the hard surface of the road, building barriers and entrances to the forest;
  • Pitching tents, staying with campers, mobile homes, except for specially equipped and marked places;
  • Making bonfires, using open fire, with the exception of specially equipped, marked places and homesteads;
  • Climbing or descending the slope of the Parnidis dune, dismantling dune fortifications, damaging or destroying landforms;
  • Littering, harming nature;
  • Visiting the Nagliai and Grobštas Nature Reserves, except for the equipped pedestrian and bicycle paths, the wet part of the beach;
  • Disembark from the watercraft to the shore of the Curonian Lagoon in the Nagliai and Grobštas Nature Reserves;
  • Smoking in Nagliai and Grobštas Nature Reserves;
  • Feeding wild animals.

The rules for visiting the Curonian Spit National Park you can also find in the document here


Curonian Spit National Park Visitor Centre

Naglių st 8, Nida
Tel.: +370 671 00872; +370 671 72891


Curonian Spit National Park Visitor Centre in Smiltynė (open only in summer season)
Smiltynės st 11, Klaipėda
Tel. +370 684 72641

Activities of the Visitor Center:

  • Provides information about the Curonian Spit National Park.
  • Distributes KNNP Visitor's tickets
  • Organizes educational hikes in exceptional areas sensitive to human impact (Grobštas and Nagliai Nature Reserves). Hikes are organized from July 15.
  • Conducts educational and specialized nature tours in the Curonian Spit.
  • Organizes thematic educational programs for children and families.
  • Distributes information publications, maps and souvenirs.


Curonian Spit National Park Directorate
Naglių st 8 Nida
Tel. / faks. +370 469 51224

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