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Inspired by summer in Neringa


The perfumed air of blooming meadows and longer days remind us that the joys of summer are just around the corner. It is almost the time of new, exciting adventures or simply wholesome rest from the day to day worries. Neringa on the mesmerising Curonian Spit peninsula on the Baltic coast of Lithuania - a majestic haven of peace, inspiration and discoveries between the emerald sea and lagoon waters - invites you to experience the freedom and glory of life.



Happiness in simplicity


The most gratifying pleasures are often the simplest - and Neringa’s uniquely preserved coastal nature has it all in abundance: from pristine pine forests, glorious sand dunes lining the seascape, to serene lagoon shores and plenty of fresh air view points as picturesque as it gets. This year, one more of Neringas’s  powdery white sand beaches - Preila - was awarded a Blue Flag accreditation for its superb cleanliness and amenities. Two more Blue Flag beaches of Nida and Juodkrante, as well as numerous other beaches including pet friendly and nudist friendly beaches await eager beach goers for a perfect day at the sea.


Alongside its famous beaches, another legendary Neringa’s highlight - Parnidis dune - invites to soak up the relaxing mood of the peninsula by taking a stroll of its newly opened sightseeing route. Climb up this impressive sand mountain of 52 metres to relish one of the most memorable panoramas of the Baltic sea and the Curonian lagoon: an ephemeral scenery of only water and sand for as far as your eye can see. Time the ramble for the sunset “golden hour”, as plenty of comfortable benches, view points, information stands and observation spots dotted along the route ensure a postcard worthy selfie is in order.


If you feel inspired to explore Neringa on foot, you are in luck. Plenty of educational and recreational walking routes are suited for all abilities of walkers. One of the most nostalgic routes weave through the pine forests of Urbo hill. A well lit and newly renovated web of paths leads you to the landmark of Nida - its red and white striped lighthouse, which the brave can climb. Or, for a different kind of exuberance, on the way to the seaside, find the Urbo hill sensory path for the little ones: a one-kilometre long wooden track with bridges, fun surfaces and obstacles. The best games are undoubtedly outdoors, under the blue sky of summer!


Typically, a sanctuary for cyclists with its sprawling map of cycling routes, until July Neringa offers shorter cycling trips from Nida to Juodkrante (the routes from Juodkrante to Smiltyne, the northern tip of the peninsula, are being renovated). All too well, as Neringa is probably best explored by walk.


Bliss of discovery


The largest, distinctive settlement of Neringa, Nida, is a pleasing euphony of sights, colours, scents and sounds: there is a memory worthy scene at every corner. For an even deeper understanding of Nida’s spells, book yourself onto a new Nida excursion by its culture and tourism information centre “Agila”. An experienced local guide will take your imagination on a two-hour journey of the Curonian Spit’s history, cultural development, traditions and the struggles of Nida’s fishermen. The guide will take you to the famous Parnidis dune where you will learn about the ancient science of its sun clock.


The tour might leave you wanting to find out more about Neringa’s extraordinary nature. Cue the newly opened Nature School of Curonian Spit National Park. It runs experiences, educational camps and programmes, dedicated to the immersion of kids, students and adults into nature, from tasting unseen plants, birdwatching, barefoot expeditions in the sand desert, overnight camping to understanding why and how the fragile nature of Neringa is protected and preserved.


Treasures for the mind


There is also a plethora of musings for the cultural connoisseurs in Neringa this season. The early 20th century summer house of perhaps the most prominent Nida resident, Thomas Mann, has opened two more exhibition rooms. The museum now has restored the original bedroom of the Nobel prize winning author with authentic furniture and an unbeatable lagoon and pine grove views through its blue painted wooden windows. You can dive deep into the sentimental times of the Mann family’s summers in Nida or read Thomas Mann’s books and letters in the museum’s new library room. For a fun memento - take an augmented reality selfie with Thomas Mann himself. The writer’s spirit also leads visitors through the new interactive display of Neringa’s culture and history, embellished with never before seen artefacts and audio recordings at the Museum of the History of the Curonian Spit in Nida.


Museums are just a tiny part of the resort’s summer charm. The list of holiday delights is long and varied: the warm season is dotted with sports competitions, sailing and yachting championships, wellbeing retreats, live music concerts, art workshops and festivals.


Whatever sparks your inspiration, it is indeed simpler to find it while your body and mind are at rest - be it in the ease of nature’s abundance or the hubbub of life’s happenings. Thus, the sometimes illusive insights to the most important of questions resurface in the most unexpected of moments - in the laugh of a loved one, in the cry of a soaring seagull, in the melting horizons of a warm summer’s evening. Perhaps the same fleeting times that the best holiday memories are made of - let us cherish and value them forever.


Photo credits: Andrius Kundrotas



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