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Nature has created a winter sculpture gallery in Neringa


When the cold weather hit, Neringa turned into a gallery of impressive natural artworks. The benches and trees of the coast of the Curonian Lagoon has been decorated with icicles.


The local people of Neringa has named this phenomenon "apskardas". It needs specific conditions to form: low air temperature and quite strong wind.


"Indeed, the Curonian Spit looks impressive. Due to the strong wind, lagoon water splashes onto benches, trees or other objects and freezes in the air. The ice does not freeze in the lagoon water yet, but shrinks on the coast. This is an almost annual phenomenon in the Curonian Spit. It numbs the skin of the face, but pleases the eyes, because nature is the best artist," Živilė Jankauskaitė, public relations specialist of the Curonian Spit National Park Directorate, told



Photo credit: Andžela Bazyk.



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