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The festival of traditional ice fishing "Stintapūkis" invites to Neringa


The festival of traditional Curonian ice fishing, delicious smelt fish, and unique entertainment "Stintapūkis" invites you to Neringa! 

On 16-18 February 2024, come and experience Neringa's hospitality, hear stories you've never heard before, and enjoy delicious fish. This year's festival will not only offer fresh smelt and other fish dishes, but also educational activities, nature excursions and concerts presenting traditional Curonian crafts. 


16-18 February
Festive menu "Stintapūkis road": special fish dishes from Neringa's cafés and restaurants for Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast.

Friday, 16 February, Lithuanian State Restoration Day

Exhibition "Klaipėda Region Lighthouses", dedicated to the 2024 Year of Lighthouses. The exhibition will run from 15 February to 26 March.
Curonian Spit History Museum, Pamario str. 53, Nida


10.30 am Excursion "Winter of the Curonians" (free of charge)
Organised by Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre "Agila". Limited number of participants. Pre-registration is required by e-mail or phone +370 469 52 345.
Starting point - at the Nida Tourism Information Centre, Naglių str. 18E, Nida.


1.00 pm, 1.30 pm, 2.00 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.00 pm Guided tours at Nida Fisherman's Ethnographic Homestead (free of charge).
Naglių str. 4, Nida


3 pm Paper model workshop "Lighthouses of Freedom". Conducted by Pranas Sungaila, teacher at the Gargždai Children and Youth Leisure Centre.
Liudvikas Reza Cultural Centre, L. Reza str. 8B, Juodkrante


Exhibition of drawings "Freedom Shines" by primary school pupils of Neringa gymnasium.
Porch of Liudvikas Reza Cultural Centre, L. Reza str. 8B, Juodkrante


4 pm Concert for the Lithuanian State Restoration Day. 
Participants: Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centres "Agila" art collectives, pupils of the Neringa School of Art, guest soloists.
Nida Community House, Taikos str. 17, Nida


4.30 - 6 pm Woollen weaving workshop with lighthouse motifs.

Preila Community House, Preilos str. 27, Preila


6 pm Concert by pianist Darius Mažintas "Piano and waves of the lagoon".
Preila Library, Preilos str. 27, Preila


6 - 10 pm. Nida Lighthouse will shine with the historical light of the crystal lenses of Fresnel.
Urbos Hill, Nida


9 pm Disco with DJ Jovilė-Sibilė.
Cafe "Sangrita. Nida", Taikos str. 32A, Nida


Saturday, 17 February


Fishing competition "Nidos blizgė 2024". More information:


10 am - 6 pm Mobile photography exhibition "Stories of Neringa fishermen".
Liudvikas Reza Cultural Centre, L. Rezos str. 8B, Juodkrante


NIDA, next to the UNESCO monument and on Naglių Street:


10 am - 4 pm "Stintapūkis delicacies alley": festive fair on Naglių Street


12 noon Opening of the festival: performances by the folklore ensemble "Giedružė" (led by A. Buržinskienė), the folk music band "Joldija" (led by L. Vainutis), the folk dance group "Kalnapušė" (led by T. Baužas), and stilt walkers from Vilnius. Guests of the festival – street performance of Klaipėda Castle Theatre "Gardens of Versailles", directed by Alvydas Vizgirda.


12 noon - 4 pm "Stintapūkis" sauna on the pier near the UNESCO monument.


12.30 pm and 2.30 pm "Meeting with a fisherman, presentation of traditional Curonian Lagoon fishing", led by fisherman Karolis Tamulis.


1 pm Demonstration of traditional ice fishing of smelts on the pier near the UNESCO monument, led by fisherman Karolis Tamulis.


12 noon - 3 pm Educational and creative activities:

  • "Stintapukis drawings" with painter Ramūnas Vaitkus. 
  • Workshop on lucky fish, led by Jolanda Truikienė.
  • "Take the Maritime Museum Challenge", Lithuanian Maritime Museum programme.
  • "Fisherman's self-help", programme of Neringa Health Club "Esuva".
  • Ukrainian handicraft and Ukrainian language classes. Presented by the Nida Art Colony together with Ukrainians living in Neringa.
  • "Advice from herbalists": health tips will be shared by Giedrė Bružienė and the "Herbalist Academy".

Exercises, dances, games, competitions:

  • Active leisure activities, relay races, games, orienteering, organised by the Neringa Sports School.
  • Health and immunity-boosting exercises taught by Oksana, a Ukrainian trainer living in Neringa.
  • Line dancing training by the "Dorė" line dancing club, taught by Jurgita Survilienė.

2 pm Awards for the participants of the fishing competition "Nidos Blizgė 2024".


12 noon - 8 pm "Stintapūkis goes sport": spend your time actively playing sports. Bring sports shoes.
Spots Hall of Neringa Gymnasium, G. D. Kuverto str. 12, Nida


1 pm - 4 pm Game for families and children "Journey to the Curonian Spit".
Take part in the game, enjoy fragrant herbal tea and win prizes.
Curonian Spit National Park Visitor Centre, Naglių str. 8, Nida


12 noon - 2 pm "Knitting fishing nets": you will learn the technique of knitting fishing nets.
Nida Fisherman's Ethnographic Homestead, Naglių str. 4, Nida


2 pm, 2.30 pm and 3 pm Free of charge excursions. Screening of a documentary on ice fishing in Neringa.
Nida Fisherman's Ethnographic Homestead, Naglių str. 4, Nida


4 pm "Myths and predictions of a warming climate: will traditional ice fishing will still be possible in 50 years?" - a presentation and a meeting with a climatologist, broadcaster and daily sustainability educator Silvestras Dikčius.
Curonian Spit History Museum, Pamario str. 53, Nida


7 pm Evening concert: performance by Bjelle.
Nida Community House, Taikos str. 17, Nida


9 pm Concert by the group "Garbanotas Bosistas" (Curly Bassist).
Café "Sangrita. Nida", Taikos str. 32A, Nida


Sunday, 18 February


11.30 am "Stintapūkis drawings" with painter Ramūnas Vaitkus.
Nida Community House, Taikos str. 17, Nida 


12.00 noon Performance for children "Where the Fish Sleep"
Educational performance by Taškas Theatre on the theme of ocean pollution.
Nida Community House, Taikos str. 17, Nida


In case of bad weather conditions, the programme of events may change.

Photography and filming will be carried out during the event and the material will be published.


Event organisers:
Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre "Agila"
Neringa Municipality


Photos by Domas Rimeika. 



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