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Its exquisite white sand beaches are an absolute top highlight of Neringa. The emerald hues of the Baltic sea invite visitors for a truly revitalising time by the waves. Every Neringa settlement has a well looked after beach at the western side with all the sand and sea fun at your convenience - swim, socialise, sunbathe, exercise or find your own unique way to experience Neringa’s extraordinary seaside.


Nida’s and Juodkrantė’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag accreditation since 2002. This prestigious title is given to beaches worldwide that comply with a strict set of high standards: from cleanliness of the water and shore to the highest quality of the infrastructure, including lifeguard access, drinking water, impaired mobility access (Nida’s beach even offers a specialised sea bathing wheelchair for disabled visitors) and beach sports facilities.


All Neringa’s beaches and their facilities are always free of charge. Lifeguards offer first aid and patrol the beaches as necessary. There are nudist and dog beaches, busier and quieter beaches for as far as your eye can see - every beachgoer is bound to find a sandy spot to their own taste. After a busy (or relaxed!) time at the beach, grab a fresh bite at one of the outdoor cafes at each of the settlement’s beaches.


Please kindly adhere to the beach rules as follows:


  • Red flag at the beach means that swimming is forbidden. Yellow flag warns visitors that swimming is dangerous (red and yellow flag signifies that a lifeguard is on duty).
  • Do not litter. Recycle and use the rubbish bins provided.
  • Do not harm the plants near or around the beach. Do not damage the dune reinforcement structures.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at the beach.
  • Use of inflatables in the sea is prohibited.
  • Use of power kites is forbidden in the beach territory.
  • Use of professional kites is prohibited.
  • Sports games are only to be played in specially designated areas.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Use a safety vest when paddling a SUP or a paddleboard.
  • Pets are only allowed in designated beaches.

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