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The first library in Neringa was established in 1956. It expanded to two more locations - Preila and Juodkrantė - in 1996. The library has been named after Viktoras Miliūnas, a well-known chronicler of Nida, since 2005.


Playwright, writer, translator Viktoras Miliūnas was born in 1916 in Blantyre, Scotland. He died in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1986. Miliūnas studied in Vilnius and Kaunas universities, acted in several theatres, worked in the Lithuanian Writers’ Association and a cultural magazine’s editorial team. The author lived and worked in Nida from 1961 to 1986, where he took inspiration and an endless source of themes for his creations from the Curonian Lagoon, Nida settlement and everyday life on the peninsula.


Library services include:


• Books and magazines are available on site and for home loans                                                        
• Library and external databases of citations, articles and other online resources
• Free internet and computer use
• Events, exhibitions, excursions and book signings
• Projector, scanning, copying and printing services
• Robotics, educational drones, graphic design and other gadgets available


Working hours:

II–VI – 11 a.m.– 6 p.m. 

Days off: Sunday, Monday.

On the day before the holiday, the library is open one hour shorter.

Readers are not served on the last library working day of the month. 




Public library in Nida

Pamario st 53, Nida
Tel. +370 46 952 506


Public library in Juodkrantė
Ievos Kalno s. 9, Juodkrantė
Tel. 370 46 953 223


Public library in Preila
Preilos st 27, Preila
Tel. +370 46 955 126

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